Police FAQ's


Where is the Mitchellville Police Department?
The Mitchellville Police Department is located at 110 Second Street NE Mitchellville Iowa.

Where do you keep prisoners and does the dispatcher work there?
The Police Department does not keep prisoners here in Mitchellville. All prisoners are transported to the Polk County Jail located at 110 6th Street in Des Moines Iowa. The dispatch is provided by Polk County.

Is the Mitchellville Police Department currently hiring?
The Police Department does have occasional vacancies. They will be advertised in the Altoona Herald, and posted in City Hall at 110 Second Street NE

Does the Mitchellville Police Department have a reserve program?
The Mitchellville Police Department does have an active Police Reserve unit. The Police Reserves meet once a month for training and ride scheduling. The Reserves are always on the lookout for qualified applicants. Please address any questions to Chief Kinmonth.

What are the curfew restrictions in Mitchellville?
Mitchellville does have a curfew-established. City code chapter 46.01 this ordinance can be viewed at city Hall upon request during normal business hours. The on-duty Police Officers can also answer any questions you may have.

Does the Police Department participate in activities within the schools?
The Mitchellville Police does interact with the schools whenever possible. Recently the Police as well as fire departments put on bike safety courses and provided bicycle helmets to the elementary students.

If I need to be fingerprinted for a job, professional license or other reason, where can I get this done?
By appointment The Police Department will fingerprint citizens for a variety of reasons. A valid identification with a photo will be required for that service. This service is provided at no charge.

If I receive a obscene or harassing phone call what should I do?
If you have received harassing or obscene phone calls, and hanging up does not stop them, call 515-286-3333. A Polk County dispatcher will then dispatch a Mitchellville Police unit to your home.

Is there anything I can do about telemarketing calls I do not want?
Should telemarketers continue to call just tell them (put me on your do not call list) The telemarketer should (by-law) then quit calling, however if they do not then call your local Police Department.

What is the phone number for the Polk County Sheriff's Office?
The Polk County Sheriffs Dispatch is 515-286-3333

What is the phone number for the Iowa State Patrol?
The Highway Patrol (state radio) number is 515-323-4360

How can I obtain a copy of an accident or incident report?
Reports can be attained at the Police Department.

Where do I go to get an Iowa Driver's License?
Iowa drivers license can be obtained from the driver’s license station at Park fair Mall, located in Des Moines.

Who issues school permits and what are the rules for using them?
Students seeking School permits should see the counselor in their perspective schools. School permits are issued for school authorized functions only.


Where do I go to pay for a City of Mitchellville parking ticket?
Parking tickets can be paid at Mitchellville City Hall during normal business hours, M-F 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM


Where can I pay a traffic ticket?
Traffic tickets other than parking citations can be paid through the Polk County Clerk of Court. Polk County Courthouse 5thth and Mulberry Des Moines Iowa 50309


Where can I get information about the City's parking regulations?
You can get a copy of the parking regulations as well as all other regulations by coming in to City hall Monday Through Friday 8AM till 430PM. There is a slight fee for any copies requested.


What is the policy on burning in Mitchellville?
Open burning is allowed in the spring and in the fall for yard and tree waste only. Contact City Hall for those dates.


What is the City Snow Ordinance and when does it go into effect?
Mitchellville does have a snow ordinance (chapter 69.11). The snow emergency is defined as any accumulation of snow of 2 inches or more requiring removal. Parking in violation of this ordinance can result in a citation and/or impound of your vehicle.

Police Phone Number

Police Chief 
Kary Kinmonth